Thursday, November 7, 2013

Out with the old...

I woke up today with my throat on fire. Of course I'd get sick on my last week off before work. I gave myself a goal this morning to work on my school assignments today, and get at least one done. That didn't exactly happen, BUT, I did get 3 books for my research paper. I guess you could call that progress lol. I focused the rest of my morning deciding I needed a major change, and applied for some jobs that would get my foot in the door towards nursing.  There were two in particular that I REALLY REALLY want and I pray to God that I get one or the other. One in particular would deal with infants and ideally when I graduate I want to work in pediatrics somehow.

Tomorrow my goal is to definitely get something done school related. My three major things that need to be worked on, are my notes for my statistics test on Monday, my 5 paragraph essay on independent thinking for English 102, and I need to get more notecards done for anatomy. I currently have a C in Anatomy and if anyone has ever met a nursing student, they know that is just unacceptable. 
Not too much is going on, so I guess I will waste away the rest of my night playing stupid addicting facebook games...I'm a rebel. :)

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